Fat Kevin is a game made with Superpowers in 72h by 9 people for Ludum Dare 33. The theme was "You are the monster".


Bilou, 3DReMix, NoirAcide, Elisée, Pixel-boy, ralmn, Dorian, schouillette, abclive. With support from William, Théo and the livestream's chat ♥.

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Space to jump, X to fight, C to interact, V to roll.
  • I to open the Monster cards binder.
  • R to restart the mission.

You can play with a gamepad too:

  • Left stick to move.
  • A to jump, X to fight, B to interact, Right shoulder to roll.
  • Select to open the Monster cards binder.

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AuthorSparklin Labs
Made withSuperpowers
TagsLudum Dare, Ludum Dare 33, superpowers-html5