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This is an early demo of Modrog, a multiplayer adventure game.

(Text below is outdated)

Send your minions to explore a dangerous underground world, mine crystals to build up your base, fight monsters and destroy your opponents.


  • Click on your factory to BUILD units (You start with 100 crystals and each unit costs 50).
  • Move the units by clicking on one and then using the WASD keys.
  • Pan around by holding down the middle mouse button or with the arrow keys.
  • Hold down TAB to see the player list.


The true game starts when you click on the SCRIPT button! You can write Lua scripts to tell your units and factory what to do. Try the following:

function tick(self)

And click SAVE. Your unit will drive forward and drill through dirt.

Maybe try this:

function tick(self)
  local random = math.random(1, 8)
  if random == 1 then
  elseif random == 2 then

You'll get a stupid robot that moves around randomly! (CW = Clockwise, CCW = Counter-clockwise).

Note: If your unit seems to have disappeared into the void, it probably wrapped around and you'll find it at the other end of the map. (The map will loop around automatically in future versions.)

You can also run a script on your factory! Try this to build new units automatically when you have enough crystals:

function tick(self)

Try to collect crystals with a robot and bring it back to your factory's door, then you can build more robots. Try to meet with other players?!

Planned for later versions

  • Sensor functions so your units can make interesting decisions based on what's around them!
  • Enemies, health and fighting!
  • A proper goal!
  • A bigger, more interesting map!
  • The ability to run your own server! etc.

For now, this is just a 3 days experiment.  I spent 20 hours working on this first release.  See my Twitter thread about itcheck out my Twitch stream, and let me know what you think :) Cheers!

AuthorSparklin Labs


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