A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NOTE: Superpowers is no longer developed or supported by Sparklin Labs. Use at your own risks!

Superpowers is a completely new way to make 2D and 3D games. Built with Web technologies, Superpowers's core provides an extensible infrastructure for all kinds of collaborative tools.

  • Jam together in real-time! Your teammates don't need to install anything.
    Just give them your project's URL and the password.
  • No Internet connection required. Your projects are stored on your computer.
    You can work on your own while offline, on a plane, at the beach...
  • The Web runs everywhere and so will your Superpowers games.
    Run Superpowers on Windows, OS X and Linux.
    Export games to Windows, OS X, Linux, Android or iOS!
  • Improve and extend Superpowers yourself. Using HTML5, CSS and JS.
    Even the built-in tools are just plugins you can replace.
  • Upgrade your scripting with TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript.
    Use types for robustness if you want, and when you don't, it stays out of the way. Plus you get the latest goodies from ES6, today.
  • Batteries included! Superpowers comes with a host of plugins.
    Leverage the JavaScript ecosystem: 2D and 3D physics with Cannon.js and p2.js, networking with Socket.IO, tweening with Tween.js, and much more.
  • Asset packs to get you started. Make your first games with quality sprites, backgrounds, sound effects and tracks.
    1000+ assets, including Space shooter, Ninja Adventure, 3D Characters, 3D Vehicles, Layered Backgrounds, Medieval Fantasy, Prehistoric Platformer, Top-down Shooter, Western FPS 2D

Free and open source!

We're a team of 3 working out of Strasbourg, France. We love to jam and have been designing game-making tools for several years. You can choose to support our work on Superpowers with a donation if you want, or by subscribing to us on Patreon.

We release big updates with new features and plugins quite often. Every buck helps us keep development going and move closer to the ultimate gamedev platform. Thank you so much! - Pixel-boy, Bilou and Elisée

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Superpowers 6.1 for Windows 64-bit
Superpowers 6.1 for Windows 32-bit
Superpowers 6.1 for MacOS
Superpowers 6.1 for Linux 64-bit
Superpowers Mega Asset Pack (1200+ files!)