A heartwarming quest of partying and shape-shifting during the medieval ages on an alien planet.

Note: This game was made for Ludum Dare 35 and isn't quite finished yet. The theme was Shapeshift.


  • Arrow keys to move, X to talk to people
  • C to shapeshift into people. Be gentle!


A game made in 3 days by Bilou, Pixel-boy, NoirAcide, Craig B, Alexis and Elisée.
Made with Superpowers, the HTML5 collaborative game maker.

Big thanks to Craig for the awesome music and sound effects!

Published Apr 19, 2016
AuthorSparklin Labs
Tags3D, html5, Ludum Dare 35, superpowers-html5, webgl
LinksLudum Dare


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...I can't get in the door. Am I just dumb? I walked into it, I pressed every button on my keyboard, and I can't get into the Knightclub. Edit: Yes I am dumb. Ignore this.


Even if it isn't quite finished, it still was one of the greatest games in the whole Ludum Dare 35 for me! The shapeshifting / body-switching mechanic worked quite well and allowed you to implement various kind of environments without any plot hole, and the whole art design was just amazing (just as Craig's music!). <3 I had an absolute blast with your entry and it's great to see that you scored the 13th place with it! :) Happily I recommended your game in a short article and also uploaded a gameplay video for it, but it's also featured in our GOTY 2016 list. <3 May the Superpowers be always with you, because you make awesome games which never disappoint me. :D

Best wishes,

Quirky and colorful game!


Best game ever. 10/10

ha! i got to the end and it's a pretty funny theme! music is great! keep it up!

I love the feeling overall! hope it was a full game :)


I just have no clue what to do after I get to the alien that says "dungeon.todo" like is there something hidden somewhere? Am I going the wrong way?


The game isn't finished sadly, you've reached the end of what was done.

oh that makes sense, it's a really good game btw :)

Love the aesthetics!!!

My only issue is how the controls are mapped to the space - sometimes pressing "up" goes diagonal, like in old school isometric games. Could be relative to camera, so up is always up.