A heartwarming quest of partying and shape-shifting during the medieval ages on an alien planet.

Note: This game was made for Ludum Dare 35 and isn't quite finished yet. The theme was Shapeshift.


  • Arrow keys to move, X to talk to people
  • C to shapeshift into people. Be gentle!


A game made in 3 days by Bilou, Pixel-boy, NoirAcide, Craig B, Alexis and Elisée.
Made with Superpowers, the HTML5 collaborative game maker.

Big thanks to Craig for the awesome music and sound effects!

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Published274 days ago
AuthorSparklin Labs
Tags3D, html5, Ludum Dare 35, superpowers-html5, webgl
Player countSingleplayer


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I just have no clue what to do after I get to the alien that says "dungeon.todo" like is there something hidden somewhere? Am I going the wrong way?

The game isn't finished sadly, you've reached the end of what was done.

oh that makes sense, it's a really good game btw :)

Love the aesthetics!!!

My only issue is how the controls are mapped to the space - sometimes pressing "up" goes diagonal, like in old school isometric games. Could be relative to camera, so up is always up.