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Absolutely loved the game. I hope this gets finished if the devs have time to

amazing art and perspective with lovable quirky characters!

I literally felt i was in the game, it’s really good.


love this game!! 


I arrived besides my body, but an invisible wall blocked me?



Please finish this and make it longer - it's so, so good!


This is such a cute game! The design is awesome and the mechanics are super unique. I like having to use people as "tools" to progress. Really great job!

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...I can't get in the door. Am I just dumb? I walked into it, I pressed every button on my keyboard, and I can't get into the Knightclub. Edit: Yes I am dumb. Ignore this.


Even if it isn't quite finished, it still was one of the greatest games in the whole Ludum Dare 35 for me! The shapeshifting / body-switching mechanic worked quite well and allowed you to implement various kind of environments without any plot hole, and the whole art design was just amazing (just as Craig's music!). <3 I had an absolute blast with your entry and it's great to see that you scored the 13th place with it! :) Happily I recommended your game in a short article and also uploaded a gameplay video for it, but it's also featured in our GOTY 2016 list. <3 May the Superpowers be always with you, because you make awesome games which never disappoint me. :D

Best wishes,

Quirky and colorful game!


Best game ever. 10/10

ha! i got to the end and it's a pretty funny theme! music is great! keep it up!

I love the feeling overall! hope it was a full game :)


I just have no clue what to do after I get to the alien that says "dungeon.todo" like is there something hidden somewhere? Am I going the wrong way?


The game isn't finished sadly, you've reached the end of what was done.


oh that makes sense, it's a really good game btw :)

Love the aesthetics!!!

My only issue is how the controls are mapped to the space - sometimes pressing "up" goes diagonal, like in old school isometric games. Could be relative to camera, so up is always up.