Lumberjack Jacques and the Ritual of Doom

A game made in 48h for the Global Game Jam 2016 by Nicolas Gauthier, Thomas Frick, Eléa Heberlé, Rémy Maetz, Romain Schlinger, Florent Poujol, Bruno de Chazelles, Victor Nardin, Elisée Maurer and Rosalie Klein, with music written for the game by Robin Dussart and Dimitri Guindet.

Built with Superpowers, the HTML5 game maker
Get the game's source code on GitHub
Sound credits


  • Arrow keys or Left Stick to move
  • RETURN / SPACE or A button to interact
  • X key or button to attack
  • B key or button to shoot


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I enjoyed this! Thank you for the inspiration.

Awesome engine!


this game is thematically confusing

Very cool game. Very funny.

Very cool little game

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for the video! You can enter the mine with the weapon you get during the first boss fight.

The music was written by Robin Dussart and Dimitri Guindet. I don't know that they do tutorials...

I'm geting some render bug.

Some GPU drivers seem to have issues with the various shaders on Linux and OS X. Are you running one of those? Try updating the drivers if possible.

I'm using Manjaro Linux with intel GPU. I will update my GPU driver and test again.


Génial ^^.

gameplay sympa, personnages amusant, easter egg, reference, histoire rapide et amusante.


Great Presentation.


The musics are really cool ! They didn't sound so epic during the Sunday presentation :)