A game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 37 "One Room". Art by Thomas Frick, Eléa Héberlé, Rosalie Klein, code by Nicolas Gauthier, Elisée Maurer and music by Michał Korniewicz.


First, place at least one table in your tavern, then click the doors to open up to customers.

As customers come in, they'll express their wants:

  • Drink or meal
  • Sweet or savoury
  • Some particular ingredient they like
  • Whether they want a small or big portion

You should try and craft recipes matching their wishes at the bar.

To start crafting a recipe, buy at least one ingredient (left click on it) and then use it to filter recipes by right-clicking on it.

Listed recipes will go from red (disabled) to white (available) as you buy all the required ingredients. Once a recipe is displayed in white, click on the recipe in the list to craft it.

Your meal or drink will appear in the top-right area. Click anywhere in the tavern to exit the crafting interface, and when your customer sits down at a table, click on the table to serve the selected meal or drink.

To complete a day, you need to have at least one more satisfied customer than there are angry customers leaving your tavern.

Some ingredients cannot be bought. They can only be acquired by using traps to catch some customers. Place a trap somewhere a customer is likely to walk, then trigger it at the right time by clicking on it.

Oh, and tables with cloth increase the customers' patience, cause they get all mesmerized by the beautiful motifs.

Have fun! :)

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