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I still use this software everyday. It seems that my login still works fine but new users do not work anymore. So I am very happy that it works for me.

I also have a fully updated build of the latest version and for new users are still updates required which are not possible anymore.

I heared the creator now works for Hypixel Studios the creators of Hytale but it would be great if this tool can become open source under a MIT or similar license which would allow other software developers like me to make a new overhaul for this software and get it back available to the public.

So I hope Sparklin Labs would consider open sourcing this like they did with Superpowers. As there is so many people still wanting to use this.

I enter the correct information and it says i cant access the master server 



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In the trailer YouTube video thingy it said u could use it offline, but every time i want to make a Project it says "Connect"

i used to use this, it is not offline. But on the upside, when i used it.. i had to pay for the software. 


*Ahem* Hytale

is this ever going to be open sourced?

You can already access the source on Bitbucket.


Not from the main program, only from some libraries.


Hola les quiero preguntar como le ago para creear personajes y como ago que me funcione el juego en general?


can this engine support character customization (like either uploading a custom skin or even doing a full skyrim style customization)?


I forgot my password for Craftstudio, how do I get it back?


If you use chrome go to configuration>advance config>managa passwords and just click the eye to see the password of the site you want, I hope that helps :)


So, you buy this app, it says it's super easy and fun, you open it up. It wont let you make a STARTER PLACE AT ALL. Waste of money and time, I hate this app.


LOL You don't have to pay XD There 's a button: "Take me to the download" LMAO


You didnt pay you donated if you analyzed the payment page you can click on the "take me to the download" text


I bought the program and now you have turned off the servers! I want my money back!

You didn't pay you donated if you payed attention to the page there was text saying "take me to the download" and then you could've clicked on that...

why i cant run it :(

me too

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