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Hi! Will you Open Source CraftSudio? :D

It would be an interesting complement to SuperPowers :D


Hello, it seems that your servers are broken



same problem here, wont someone please help us?


Everytime i open craftstudio this error pops up and then i cant connect to anything in the program.


I do not start CraftStudio. Can you please tell me what to do? When starting and updating, the following inscription comes out:


Running the program opens the launcher but only displays a white screen. I tried using Mesa3D but that didn't work. What's the issue and is there a way to fix it?

MacOS version is broken:

/Applications/ line 17: ./CraftStudioLauncher.bin.osx: Bad CPU type in executable

why i cant make my own project or any model? can someone help me with it, this problem make me bad mood  and stress for a long time. i hope my problem will be responded fast as possible because i want make my own project and model quikly and please respon me :'"( , thank you for attention :')

Maybe you created a new account and your server still expects the old username? Open "My Server" and check if your current username is set as one of the admins in the settings. Have fun!


CraftStudio has not been developed for a long time.
Maybe it makes sense for the author of CraftStudio to make it Open Source and post it on GitHub?

PS. Still, the project does not develop further and will not develop.

Why that

Because this way this engine will remain forever without development and will die.
And with the source code, the community can continue to develop it.

Could someone from the developers please notice this:

I ask you to please make an rpm file version as this does not function on fedora 31, linux.


Looks like an interesting beginners game programming engine.

Je peux pas aller sur l'application sa me dit error de connextion enfin bref qui a une solution 


hey i really want to learn craft studio but i have not found any means to. so i was wondering if someone could teach me? we can talk about pay if you contact me?


I would like to help you I work for Hytale but I am low class and I begin in the profession but I progress.
ps: no salary

I just contacted them about what you say and you don't work for them!

how did you get the hytale addresses


Hey that would be great if you could help but why did you say you work from hytale when the other commenter said you dont? is it true?


if I work at hytal but I work under several names see you I have about 300 email address (one for each site I use)

okay well i would love to do a chat with you somtime? maybe on discord? just so we can meet etc!

sure lol


Ну и хрень...


Почему хрень? Я увидел годный конструктор для новичков.


I'm having constant trouble connecting to a friend's server, I'm getting this error: "Failed to establish connection - no response from remote host". I can't even create my own server, the same error appears.


Is the engine dead? I get stuck on the Checking for Updates screen. :(

Just tested, works on my end.

huh, maybe it was maintenance or something. Will report back with status. Its past midnight here rn. 😟

when will you update?

There will be no new updates. 

"Now free for all to use, enjoy and thanks for the support throughout the years! No new updates are planned. You can pay what you want to support me if you like it."

This game making tool has some amazing ideas contained in it. Why did this die?

Maybe so they could work on Superpowers.

They went to work on Hypixel's upcoming game Hytale.

"Back in 2011, I started working on software called CraftStudio" says Élisée Maurer, who leads development of Hytale Model Maker alongside Nicolas 'Bilou' Gauthier. "The idea was to try to democratize game making by providing really simple tools for players to make their own games - and also make it fun, make it like a game, by providing real-time collaboration."
"That's how I met Bilou" Élisée continues. "He was one of the first people to buy CraftStudio and play with it. Then we did a bunch of game jams together and at some point I figured that maybe we could do something that's a bit more modular, that could go further - and if it worked on the web, that would be awesome."
As Élisée and Bilou began work on this new project, they became aware that the Hytale team were using CraftStudio's modeling tool. "They had started working with just CraftStudio's model editor because it had such a unique visual style and matched what they wanted to do" Élisée says. "But they were limited by what the software could do."
The solution was to bring Élisée and Bilou into the team - and build new software to assist with the development of Hytale. It has now become the toolkit we use to create all of the items, creatures, and animations that you see in-game - and when Hytale launches, you'll be able to use it to create your own.

Hey is a craftstudio account free






I've forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?


You can just create a new account, accounts don't hold any data anymore.


So I will have paid features with a new account? 


Yes! CraftStudio has gone free for all a while ago.

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Hey dude, i am new on and want to use CraftStudio, the issue is that i got problems logggin in CraftStudio, so what happens exactly?

Does anyone know how to add a skybox to it?

My animation won't play

anyone that can help 

Playcraft name:remliv


Hello all, I was wondering, can we make hypixel mods directly from this software?

if so, how do we put the program and mod  into a live server or game?

I am aiming to make a game mod for hypixel. The mod will contain a security package used for in-game security to the players builds. I am experienced with programming and animation but don't know how to upload work to a server or game:(

Also, looking for a partner with the mod because it's going to be a lot of work.

Heres an overview of what the mod will have...

camera's with monitors to display live and recorded footage.

robber npc's whom will rob local settlements.

vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles.

German shepherd like looking dog for security.

spotlights and revolving gates to make secure buildings.

Although there are so many things, Im not putting it all cause I'm tired of writing:)

Anyway, please help me with the questions above and anybody wanting to join my in this project my email is

thanks, all help and support is appreciated!!!

Deleted 332 days ago

He must be talking about Hypixel's upcoming game Hytale. Hytale brought on the developer to this app to create similar tools to their game for the same purpose.

My computer is really bad, and I don't know if I can use this game engine, because I tryed to launch the engine and it just have not entered, so I just want to know the especifications that the computer have to have to use this, can you answer me?

how to open projects

Someone want to learn how to make games in CraftStudio ???

¿Alguien quiere aprender a como hacer juegos en Craftstudio??

I do. I can model and make a map and animate and build scenes, but can't code. I am working on a new game called Tanks n Planes, a game where you can either command a tank or fly a plane in a 32 vs 32 Battle kinda like WoT, but with simple graphics so anyone can play, and using generic models and vehicles.

Yeah sure!Do u have a discord so we can talk in?

What's your server on CraftStudio ???

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Hey EzeMakesGames do you think you could help me?

/ Someone i could ask for help

I have discord

You can add me on CraftStudio 

my username is: remliv  



I still use this software everyday. It seems that my login still works fine but new users do not work anymore. So I am very happy that it works for me.

I also have a fully updated build of the latest version and for new users are still updates required which are not possible anymore.

I heared the creator now works for Hypixel Studios the creators of Hytale but it would be great if this tool can become open source under a MIT or similar license which would allow other software developers like me to make a new overhaul for this software and get it back available to the public.

So I hope Sparklin Labs would consider open sourcing this like they did with Superpowers. As there is so many people still wanting to use this.

SweetProductions do u have a server ??? Let's make a game together !

I enter the correct information and it says i cant access the master server 

getting the same problem, any ways to fix?



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In the trailer YouTube video thingy it said u could use it offline, but every time i want to make a Project it says "Connect"

i used to use this, it is not offline. But on the upside, when i used it.. i had to pay for the software. 


*Ahem* Hytale

I hope you did some research and realized the people who made this are working on hytale and are literally making the mod tools.

Sorry, just making a joke. Didn't mean to offend (?) anyone. 

Hello there dude ! Want makes some games ???


If you want to make games together?

is this ever going to be open sourced?

You can already access the source on Bitbucket.


Not from the main program, only from some libraries.


Hola les quiero preguntar como le ago para creear personajes y como ago que me funcione el juego en general?

Hola,perdon,se que es medio tarde para contestarte pero... ¿Necesitas aprender sobre como funciona CraftStudio ?Yo puedo enseñarte


can this engine support character customization (like either uploading a custom skin or even doing a full skyrim style customization)?


I forgot my password for Craftstudio, how do I get it back?


If you use chrome go to configuration>advance config>managa passwords and just click the eye to see the password of the site you want, I hope that helps :)


So, you buy this app, it says it's super easy and fun, you open it up. It wont let you make a STARTER PLACE AT ALL. Waste of money and time, I hate this app.

Deleted 173 days ago

You didnt pay you donated if you analyzed the payment page you can click on the "take me to the download" text


I bought the program and now you have turned off the servers! I want my money back!

You didn't pay you donated if you payed attention to the page there was text saying "take me to the download" and then you could've clicked on that...

why i cant run it :(

me too

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