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lol I bought this for $40 several years ago hoping to support the idea of real-time collaboration. So this was a fail then?

I should mention I don't mean to sound insulting. I didn't realize that you guys made this and the Superpowers engine. I really did and still do like the concept of real-time collaboration. Is that a thing still with Superpowers?

i'm pretty sure it is. you can run the game making environment on a local server and have other people connect to it, if i remember correctly.


Not Working the launcher doesnt shows up anything and you want me to pay you 30 dollars?!!!

Wh....what happened to the Website?

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Shout out to Forum members:
Your Blender and Gimp plugins seem to be useful when working with CraftStudio but I think CraftStudio are kinda busy with their own schedule so the forums also down after CraftStudio become free. Thus hopefully any admin, member like Scachi or others will see it and sharing it.

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Check out Superpowers, CraftStudio's open source HTML5 successor:

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> But I bet you didn't make a whole new game maker just to redirect your customers to Superpowers, eh?
> It's good for business, this whole free software thing.

CraftStudio is 3 or 4 years *older* than Superpowers. I've just made my legacy program free and all you can find is cynical ways to interpret it, it seems.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. CraftStudio was not designed as an open source platform, it has centralised dependencies. Open sourcing it would be a good bit of work that I'm not willing to put in at this time. Maybe someday.

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Sparklin, the fruits of your intellectual labor should be utilized in the fashion you desire. All hold a natural right to thrive from the gains of personal endeavor in a marketplace of opportunity. Peace out and prosper wildly.


I don't know why you're getting so much flack for this. I used Superpowers for a while and totally plan on coming back to it when I'm good enough with Typescript to expand it where I need it to go. That you released your older software for free at the end of its life seems like a pretty awesome thing to do, so thanks!


Are you able to import premade OBJ files too?
I would love to import models I made in another progam =D

Actually, no you can't sorry.


Anyone want be my friend in this game... Because im bad at scripting :c

Anyway, if you want to be... Here is my username in the game.



how to play this game is this a game or making games


It's pretty clear that is a game-making tool

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