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Hey is a craftstudio account free






I've forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?


You can just create a new account, accounts don't hold any data anymore.


So I will have paid features with a new account? 


Yes! CraftStudio has gone free for all a while ago.

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Hey dude, i am new on and want to use CraftStudio, the issue is that i got problems logggin in CraftStudio, so what happens exactly?

Does anyone know how to add a skybox to it?

My animation won't play

anyone that can help 

Playcraft name:remliv


Hello all, I was wondering, can we make hypixel mods directly from this software?

if so, how do we put the program and mod  into a live server or game?

I am aiming to make a game mod for hypixel. The mod will contain a security package used for in-game security to the players builds. I am experienced with programming and animation but don't know how to upload work to a server or game:(

Also, looking for a partner with the mod because it's going to be a lot of work.

Heres an overview of what the mod will have...

camera's with monitors to display live and recorded footage.

robber npc's whom will rob local settlements.

vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles.

German shepherd like looking dog for security.

spotlights and revolving gates to make secure buildings.

Although there are so many things, Im not putting it all cause I'm tired of writing:)

Anyway, please help me with the questions above and anybody wanting to join my in this project my email is

thanks, all help and support is appreciated!!!

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He must be talking about Hypixel's upcoming game Hytale. Hytale brought on the developer to this app to create similar tools to their game for the same purpose.

My computer is really bad, and I don't know if I can use this game engine, because I tryed to launch the engine and it just have not entered, so I just want to know the especifications that the computer have to have to use this, can you answer me?

how to open projects

Someone want to learn how to make games in CraftStudio ???

¿Alguien quiere aprender a como hacer juegos en Craftstudio??

I do. I can model and make a map and animate and build scenes, but can't code. I am working on a new game called Tanks n Planes, a game where you can either command a tank or fly a plane in a 32 vs 32 Battle kinda like WoT, but with simple graphics so anyone can play, and using generic models and vehicles.

Yeah sure!Do u have a discord so we can talk in?

What's your server on CraftStudio ???

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Hey EzeMakesGames do you think you could help me?

/ Someone i could ask for help

I have discord

You can add me on CraftStudio 

my username is: remliv  



I still use this software everyday. It seems that my login still works fine but new users do not work anymore. So I am very happy that it works for me.

I also have a fully updated build of the latest version and for new users are still updates required which are not possible anymore.

I heared the creator now works for Hypixel Studios the creators of Hytale but it would be great if this tool can become open source under a MIT or similar license which would allow other software developers like me to make a new overhaul for this software and get it back available to the public.

So I hope Sparklin Labs would consider open sourcing this like they did with Superpowers. As there is so many people still wanting to use this.

SweetProductions do u have a server ??? Let's make a game together !

I enter the correct information and it says i cant access the master server 

getting the same problem, any ways to fix?



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In the trailer YouTube video thingy it said u could use it offline, but every time i want to make a Project it says "Connect"

i used to use this, it is not offline. But on the upside, when i used it.. i had to pay for the software. 


*Ahem* Hytale

I hope you did some research and realized the people who made this are working on hytale and are literally making the mod tools.

Sorry, just making a joke. Didn't mean to offend (?) anyone. 

Hello there dude ! Want makes some games ???


If you want to make games together?

is this ever going to be open sourced?

You can already access the source on Bitbucket.


Not from the main program, only from some libraries.


Hola les quiero preguntar como le ago para creear personajes y como ago que me funcione el juego en general?

Hola,perdon,se que es medio tarde para contestarte pero... ¿Necesitas aprender sobre como funciona CraftStudio ?Yo puedo enseñarte


can this engine support character customization (like either uploading a custom skin or even doing a full skyrim style customization)?


I forgot my password for Craftstudio, how do I get it back?


If you use chrome go to configuration>advance config>managa passwords and just click the eye to see the password of the site you want, I hope that helps :)


So, you buy this app, it says it's super easy and fun, you open it up. It wont let you make a STARTER PLACE AT ALL. Waste of money and time, I hate this app.

Deleted 2 years ago

You didnt pay you donated if you analyzed the payment page you can click on the "take me to the download" text


I bought the program and now you have turned off the servers! I want my money back!

You didn't pay you donated if you payed attention to the page there was text saying "take me to the download" and then you could've clicked on that...

why i cant run it :(

me too

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Still alive ? According to comments and broken links, it's not. Any fork somewhere you know about ?


Im cant login


Please consider releasing CraftStudio to the open source community. It was a great tool and it is a shame it has been abandoned. I personally would love to use it, not only for my own work, but to give my students the capability to make 3d games without having to learn a programming language or complicated software.


Hi there! Your game is stuck in a loop where it is installing but never left any local files for me to delete so it knows to try again. How do I refresh my install of your game since it seems to be broken?


Wont let me log in despite checking my username and password - says they arent recognised!



i need hamachi to play with my friend?


this must be, by far one of the most unstable tools i have ever played

Can't even get a good connection with a friend without it constantly giving the same ''No connection to remote host'' error

Seriously, do not download this unstable piece of shite

It sure is difficult to get fonts working, as there is no easy way to get a font. Were fonts just added, because it took me hours to figure it out.



I keep getting an error:

"Could not start the server manager: The system cannot find the file specified"

Please help

One problem. I'm not sure how to create something.... I am probably gonna feel stupid if I get an answer

it's takes a long time to install please help

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