The year is 3015. The Distritube —a wonderful piece of high technology combining a TV set and a one-button remote with an automated delivery mechanism— has saved the world from the hassles of ever leaving their flat.

At the Residence Gudul, like most of his neighbors, Dowie sits down to enjoy some delightful, unadultered consumerism in front of his Distritube, when suddenly, the whole system breaks down. Incredibly annoyed but determined to get it fixed, Dowie musters up the courage to leave his room and meet with the janitor, the building's only hope.

A pleasant week-end is ruined, but worse news are looming: the janitor has been murdered! What Dowie do now?

Made by 10 people in 48h (+ 3 extra days of finishing) for the Global Game Jam 2015 using Superpowers, our own Web-based game maker.

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(310 total ratings)
AuthorSparklin Labs
Tagsfoul-mouthed, ggj15, Global Game Jam, humor, Point & Click, residence-gudul, superpowers-html5
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French


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the game is good, but I dropped it because I'm Brazilian and the source of the game is really difficult to find out what is written, especially because I'm not fluent in English...

Very nice, the art is particularly charming (despite how gross everything looks).

no Mac OS version?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for this amazing game! I had a lot of fun while playing it.

If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

Had great fun with this one! Great humour and sweet graphics style! Looking forward to more!

i love the visuals! very fun to play


A great 20 minute adventure game. I really enjoyed the humor and would like to see a sequel, but that is unlikely.


I which there were more games like this


You might want to check out Limey Lizard, Space Wizard.

Thanks, I'll check it out


Fantastic dystopian atmosphere, charmingly disturbed characters, love the commentary on capitalist decay!

very well game  

Really funny and well played out! 


Really nice game, love the style.


this is amazing!!

Awesome work guys! I really dig the atmosphere and the art style.


Thats game is amazing! Awesome arts, interesting story, funny speech, wonderful music and sound effects and really fun main character! Just brilliant job, please continue working on this game, can't wait for full finished version!

Thanks for the nice comment, we're glad you like the game!! :)


Nice game. Good job!


It took me so long too do this I suck at this


I adore this...


Whodunnit... Who cares? The characters are lazy monsters, but often WE are those lazy monsters. Short but hilarious game! 


Love the style and concept but the title made it sound like a detective murder mystery thing.


I would love to see more games in this style from you guys :D

lovely syle reminds me of toe jam and earl.

Extremely well-made.

Thank you!! Glad you liked it!

WHAT HAVE INSIDE THE Door in dolores room


The cookie guy and she "doing things"

What a fantastic game. Everything about it gives me good vibes. Full length / sequel?

yo i liked that but who was the murder is my questin lol

Loving the retro vibes and characters. Enjoying.


Je suis étudiant de traduction à l'Université de Grenade en Espagne. Je voudrais vous proposer la possibilité que notre group d'élèves de dernière année de la licence en traduction traduisent en espagnol votre jeux vidéo. Ce serait dans le cadre d'un projet fin d'études dont le but est de simuler les conditions d'une commande de traduction authentique d'un jeux vidéo. Comme c'est un travail bénévole, nous choisissons des jeux vidéos gratuits. C'est pour cette raison que je crois que votre jeux Game Over Quest serait parfait pour ce projet. 

J'espère que ce projet vous intéresse, et si c'est le cas, les étudiants pourraient s'y mettre immédiatement. La seule condition serait de nommer nous traducteurs.

Salutations cordiales,

Álvaro Rey López


 Nice, nice;) 

I love oldschool adventure games.


that was very nice little game. good job


Like a modern Monkey's Island


A really funny game. We enjoyed it very much. The graphics style is just great.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Cool votre jeu ! Le jeu est un peu trop simple mais l'univers est marrant, les sprites sont super classe, franchement bien joué ! Spécial dédicace au chien dans l'appart des chiens extraterrestres !


Gave it a go...


Hello! I loved our game, it was funny, charming and just a delight to play! It also had a unique little story and was a nice simple puzzle game! I made a let's play of it here-

Great game! I would totally buy a full version of it if it ever comes out on steam. (and its on mac)

Love the art, really cute. Maybe I'll buy it. Don't you think about putting this game on Steam?


Love the art, really cute. Maybe I'll buy it. Don't you think about putting this game on Steam?


Enjoyed playing this game. Did a video for it on my YouTube Channel.

Instant follow, wanna see more of this grumpiness :D

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