Made with Superpowers by Pixel-boy, Alexis, Bilou, Romain and Elisée for Ludum Dare 34.

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  1. Player 1: J and K
  2. Player 2: X and C

You can play with gamepads too (A and B on an Xbox 360 gamepad)

(Tip: In battle, wait for the yellow bar to fill first and then press the first button to charge an attack! If you press it before the bar is filled, it'll fill super slow.)

Sound credits

(Special thanks to abclive for going on a sound effect hunt while we were finishing the game!)

Menus/Theme: Pixel-boy
Menus/Sparkles: CC-BY -
Menus/Game Start: CC-NC-BY killkhan - (lowered height and added echo)
Menus/Select Mode: renatalmar -
Menus/Game Over: Pixel-boy
Menus/Click: Kenney -
Battle/Theme 1: Pixel-boy
Battle/Hit: CC0 thefsoundman -
Battle/Block: Pixel-boy
Battle/Pick Up Gold: Pixel-boy
Battle/Cast Spell: Pixel-boy
Battle/Cast Instant: Pixel-boy
Shop/Buy Item: creek23 -
Shop/Woosh: Pixel-boy
Published Dec 15, 2015
AuthorSparklin Labs
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, html5, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 34, superpowers-html5


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the timing is difficult but fun. i just really wish there was a save function. also a way to heal

finished xD

"Failed to load asset menus/splash/scene: network error: 0"

Any way to fix this?

Great game. :) <3

I really like the game, but I wasn't a big fan of restarting when I died. If you can maybe make it online where you can face other people. I know this isn't an easy thing to do but its just a suggestion.

I really like the style of the game and the idea behind it. It's fun to play~ I get stuck after the first boss, never have enough health left to carry on-haha. Need to work on that timing and block more!

I need some help understanding how to play this game. It seems to take forever to charge an attack, you can't attack on anything less than a full charge and blocking - which you need to do frequently - seems to make you start charging all over again.

Wait for the yellow bar to fill first and then press J to charge and execute the attack! If you're pressing J all the time, that's when it's super slow. The game is quite challenging but I hope this helps!

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Thanks, that helped a lot! Should really be part of the instructions though.

Added it to the instructions, thanks! :)