Hey! This isn't a game you'll play for long. There's only one level and it's very easy. Actually, we only spent a couple hours on it.
But this isn't the point: this is a game *you* can learn from, improve, and remake!


Use the arrow keys to move around.
R to reset the level. M to mute the music.

How this game was made!

We made this Sokoban demo during a livestream as a tutorial.

We're a team of 3 indies building our dream game development software
and we think you'll like it too. It's called ~* Superpowers *~ (woaaah!)

Superpowers, the HTML5 game maker

Scripts are written in TypeScript. But Superpowers is much more than a code editor.
It's a carefully-crafted 2D+3D development environment where you can build and/or import all your assets!
It's simple, yet very capable.

You can even work together in real-time by inviting friends on your server!

OK, where do I get Superpowers?

You can grab it on itch.io for free!

What about that Sokoban game?

It's a very small and approachable project. Just one scene, one map, one script with lots of comments, and a few sounds.

Download Sokoban8's source project and dive in! There are many other demo projects you can learn from and lots of documentation too.

We're a friendly community, you can join us on Skype to ask questions and chat! ♥


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